Certification requirements for Australia

Australia uses the AS/NZS 60079 series for Ex Equipment, most of which are identical adoptions of the IEC 60079 series.

Ex Equipment and associated equipment/apparatus need to satisfy 4.4 of AS/NZS 60079.14:2017. The requirements are summarised below.

Directly acceptable certification

Equipment with ANZEx or IECEx certification can be directly accepted in hazardous areas in Australia in most cases.

Underground coal mines subject to firedamp (Group I) have additional regulations which usually require a certificate from an Australian certification body or specific approval from the regulator.

Certification to other standards

Equipment with other certification may also be used when it is not practical to use equipment with acceptable certification. This includes certificates issued under the ATEX directive for Europe or by a NRTL for the USA.

Additional assessment is required for this equipment, and it needs to be accepted by each end user on a case-by-case basis. The process for this is most commonly a Conformity Assessment Document or CAD.

A Conformity Assessment Document (CAD) does not replace acceptable certification, but can form part of a justification for an end user to accept equipment with other certification.

Accordingly each CAD needs to specify the end user and application. A CAD cannot be used in place of acceptable certification for blanket acceptance.

ATEX Category 3 electrical equipment

Most electrical equipment which satisfies the ATEX directive for Categories 1 or 2 (Zones 0/1/20/21) will be able to have a CAD successfully prepared.

Electrical equipment for Category 3 (Zone 2/22) however, can be used in Europe with a manufacturer's first-party declaration. A CAD needs to demonstrate that the equipment and its certification offer an equivalent level of safety to equipment certified under IECEx. A certificate—and an audited quality system to ISO 80079-34 or equivalent—both from an accredited certification body are.

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