At E-x Solutions we offer consultancy services in the application of standards to the field of explosion protection.

Whether your work site requires a hazardous area inspection, hazardous area audit, or you're a manufacturer in need of pre-certification assessment for your latest product, we’re here to help. Our electrical and compliance engineers are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence when it comes to explosion protection and committed to providing expert solutions.

At all times we encourage our clients to work with us in an open and transparent environment to ensure the best outcome, which keeps risk as low as reasonably practicable.

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E-x Certification

Across the world, most places require electrical equipment that is used in explosive atmospheres to undergo a rigorous certification process in order to confirm that it complies with the relevant equipment standards.

Depending on where you are different standards will apply, however, wherever you are the idea is the same: all standards include requirements relating to equipment construction and performance.

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By maintaining an up to date and detailed knowledge of both Australian and International hazard area standards, we can ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained in hazardous areas.

Our aim at all times is to work with our clients to provide the best possible solution, while always referring to the appropriate hazardous area standards. When you commission E-x Solutions as your hazardous area consultant you can rest assured that all of the necessary decisions will be fully documented with accuracy and precision, and that we will endeavour to clearly explain everything in plain language.

So if you use equipment in explosive atmospheres but are unsure about exactly how the hazard area standards apply to you, don’t hesitate to call one of our experts to organise a consultation.

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