Verification Dossier

As part of maintaining and ensuring the safety of hazardous areas, you are required by law in most jurisdictions in Australia to keep a Verification Dossier. This is a legal document that not only shows evidence of compliance but also tracks maintenance and modifications.

E-x Solutions can effectively manage this process for you, and make sure compliance with the appropriate Australian standards is achieved. All of our Hazardous Area Verification Dossiers are prepared according to the requirements of the Australian Standards AS/NZS 60079.14 and AS/NZS 60079.17.

A Verification Dossier must contain:

  • Area classification documents, with plans showing the classification and extent of the hazardous areas
  • The applicable equipment group or subgroup for the flammable material
  • The temperature class or ignition temperature of the flammable material
  • Instructions for erection and connection
  • Equipment certificates (including conditions of use)
  • Descriptive system documents for any intrinsically safe systems
  • Manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment
  • Information necessary for inspection and maintenance, e.g. list and location of equipment, spares, technical information and manufacturer’s instructions
  • Any relevant calculations
  • Information necessary for the repair of the electrical equipment
  • Records of selection criteria for cable entry systems
  • Drawings and schedules relating to circuit identification
  • Copies of previous inspection records
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