ATEX Standards

Ex products that are sold on the European market must meet the essential health and safety requirements set out in Directive 94/9/EC. This is typically achieved by compliance with harmonised standards, primarily the EN 60079 series which are “parallel voted standards”. Products designed in accordance with harmonised standards are deemed to comply with the EHSRs.

The term ‘parallel voted standard’ relates to a process of adoption of the IEC standards as EN standards through a concurrent voting program for acceptance known as parallel voting. These ‘parallel voted standards’ do not contain any variations to the original IEC standard but could contain a small amount of additional local information. The result of this process is effectively identical to the process of adoption of IEC standards as AS/NZS.Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand are the respective nation's peak non-government Standards organisations. Together they have created a range of standards that clearly set out the requirements for the design, selection and installation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. E-x Solutions have the best available advice on the application of all current AS/NZS standards.

European standards

Type of protection Symbol IEC Standard European Standard
General requirements IEC 60079-0 EN 60079-0
EN 50014
Flameproof enclosures d IEC 60079-1 EN 60079-1
EN 50018
Pressurized enclosures p IEC 60079-2 EN 60079-2
EN 50016
Powder filling q IEC 60079-5 EN 60079-5
EN 50017
Oil immersion o IEC 60079-6 EN 60079-6
EN 50015
Increased safety e IEC 60079-7 EN 60079-7
EN 50019
Intrinsic safety i IEC 60079-11 EN 60079-11
EN 50020
Type of protection 'n' n IEC 60079-15 EN 60079-15
EN 50021
Encapsulation m IEC 60079-18 EN 60079-18
EN 50028
Intrinsic safety i IEC 60079-11 EN 60079.11
EN 61241-11
Encapsulation m IEC 60079-18 EN 60079.18
EN 61241-18
Protection by enclosure t
IEC 60079-31 EN 60079.31
EN 61241-1
EN 50281-1-1
Pressurization pD IEC 61241-4 EN 61241.4
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